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  • What is your Event Season?
    We are open mid-April through the mid-November for events. Our most popular months are September and October. We offer tours year round.
  • Is there a deposit? When is the balance due?
    When the contract is signed a non-refundable retainer is required to secure your date. This retainer is applied toward your total due. There is also a refundable damage/incidentals deposit required that will be returned within 30 days after your wedding as long as there is no damage incurred or "extras" added. We encourage equal monthly payments. With final payment due 3 months prior to your wedding. We are willing to create and work with other payment plans. We prefer cash or check, but will accept credit or debit cards with a service charge for each transaction.
  • Is there heat/air in the barn?
    At this time, there are window air conditioning units in the bathrooms and heat/air in the buffet room. There are 8 ceiling fans in the main area of the barn and floor fans may be added to assist with air movement.
  • Will there be another wedding the same day?
    No. This is YOUR special day, therefore we will not double book.
  • How many can you accommodate?
    We will host events up to 120 in the barn proper, but we can host larger numbers with the additon of a party tent and additional tables and chairs.
  • What if it rains? Where will the ceremony be held?
    In the event of rain, your ceremony can be held on the dance floor in the barn. Ceremony chairs will be set up for immediate family members, creating an aisle for the bridal party and bride to make their entrance. Other decorations can be arranged to create a pleasing setting. Your other guests will be seated at the reception tables. If rain is in the forecast, a “just in case” can be practiced at the rehearsal.
  • How many can we seat at a table?
    Our tables are 60”round and can seat 8 - 10.
  • Do you offer straight tables instead of round?
    We have a limited number of straight tables available on site that can be used for your gift table and wedding party tables, etc. If you would prefer your guests to be seated at straight tables instead of round, you are welcome to rent tables from Grand Rental Station in Farmington. You would also need to arrange table linens as our linens are for the round tables. All deliveries and setup must be coordinated with us.
  • Is glassware allowed?
    We must request no glass drinkware including beer & wine-cooler bottles. Please keep in mind the safety of your guests, as they, along with the bridal party, often kick off their shoes and dance in bare feet. Bottled wine/champagne kept in the Buffet room is permissible.
  • Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc.?"
    Some of our options include ivory table cloths for the 60” round tables. Also included are tablecloths for the gift table and either a 48” “Sweetheart” table or for a Wedding Party head table. We do provide cups, flatware, plates and napkins if our food and/or cake service option is chosen. If you hire an outside caterer, we recommend checking with your caterer when booking as often times some of these are included in their pricing.
  • Are candles allowed?
    Yes, as long as they are contained. Candles may be used in your centerpieces as long as they are contained. (i.e. votive in glass holders)
  • Will Valley Mist Events staff light candles on the guest tables after my ceremony is over prior to our reception?
    Yes, we would be happy to. Just notify us ahead of time.
  • Can we hang twinkle lights?
    We have twinkle lights hung so you don’t have to.
  • Can we store extra boxes or materials in the storage room?
    No, but often there is room under the gift table. Extra boxes, etc. should be left in your vehicle.
  • When do you need a final headcount?
    We would like to have your final headcount 2 weeks before your event.
  • Can we bring in our own food and beverage?
    You may provide beverages such as tea, lemonade, soft-drinks and bottled water for your guests. You may also provide beer, wine and a pre-made specialty drink. We do not allow hard liquor, guests to bring in their own beverages or tailgating (your special event isn't a ballgame). You, as host, are the only ones that may provide the beverages. You may provide appetizers and baked goods that are temperature stable (not requiring cooling or heating). We require pre-approved full-service insured caterers for the meal.
  • Do you have a food-prep and cooking area?
    No. All food must be cooked and at safe serving temperature upon arrival. We do have a serving area with a double sink for beverages and tables available for a catered buffet line.
  • Do you have refrigeration available?
    Yes, we have one household sized side by side refrigerator for keeping drinks cold and for you to store ice. We also have 2 antique rinse tubs available so you may ice down drinks for your guests to self-serve.
  • Do you allow alcohol?
    Yes, with provisions. Underage consumption of alcohol is not permitted by Missouri State Law or by Valley Mist Events. Alcohol may be served, but not sold to anyone of legal drinking age. Wine, beer, champagne toast and a pre-made specialty signature, (i.e. margarita, sangria, etc.) drink are allowed. Shots or mixed drinks by the glass are not permitted. Guest BYOB is not allowed as you cannot control what your guests bring. (If guests are seen bringing in their own alcohol or "tail-gating" they will be asked to secure it in their vehicle. If they do not comply, we reserve the right to ask them to leave and, in extreme situations, shut down the event and withhold your damage deposit.) We ask that you cease serving alcohol at least 30 minutes to an hour prior to the end of your event and to offer your guests water for a safe drive home. You, as host, are responsible for the conduct and safety of your guests, therefore, if you choose to provide alcohol, we ask that you purchase event insurance to protect yourself.
  • Does Valley Mist Events recycle?
    Yes, we do recycle aluminum cans. We have two containers designated for cans located alongside the trash cans.
  • What is the event clean-up process?
    We ask that you or your caterer buss your own tables, leaving the tablecloths for Valley Mist Events staff to clear. You or someone you have assigned will be responsible for gathering and removing all your personal items/décor from premises by the end of your rental period. If you have décor you wish to leave for future couples, you are welcome to do so. We will take care of monitoring the restroom and serving area trash cans throughout the evening. Valley Mist Events staff will provide sweeping, mopping and other clean up after the event.
  • Are trash cans and trash bags provided?
    Yes. Valley Mist Events staff will empty trash cans and replace trash bags throughout your event as needed. Trash cans and bags will be provided for rehearsal dinners, but it will be the responsibility of the couple to clean up and remove any trash.
  • Can we pick up our things the day after our event?
    No. Although we do not book more than one event a day, we may have a booking the day after yours, therefore we will be busy cleaning and preparing for them and will not be able to store things for you.
  • Can we feed the fish in the pond?
    Yes, they love to be fed catfish food or plain bread crumbs (May through October only). We will even provide some fish food packets for your guests to feed the fish. Please make sure that all children are well supervised.
  • Are we allowed in or on the pond?
    No, for safety and insurance reasons, we must ask that no one gets in the water.
  • Can we have fireworks on the property?
    You may have sparklers, (weather permitting) but other forms of fireworks are too much of a fire hazard and our insurance will not allow them.
  • Can we have our rehearsal dinner on site?
    Yes, but we don’t recommend it. It will be your responsibility to clean up afterwards and have everything in place for your reception the next day.
  • When should the music end?
    It’s your choice as to what time the music ends, but to avoid incurring additional charges, we would advise ending the event in plenty of time to ensure that all of your items, guests and vendors are off-property by the end of the rental period. We suggest that you find out from your DJ how long it takes them to break-down and then determine play end time with that knowledge. It is the responsibility of the contracted party to see that all guests and vehicles are off property by this time.
  • What is the additional charge if we go past the rental period?
    We charge an additional $125 for any portion of each hour past.
  • Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang things from the posts?
    We request that holes are not placed in the walls and posts. We will allow thumbtacks and command strips to be used in some areas.
  • What size is the Gazebo?
    The Gazebo is 20 feet across. There is approximately 8 feet between each of the 8 posts.
  • Do you have a place for the Wedding Party to get ready?
    We have two large restrooms in the barn that are for guest use during the event, but many Wedding Parties choose to get ready there as well. Someone would need to be designated as the "gathering" person(s) to gather and remove everything used for getting ready prior to the ceremony.
  • Can vehicles be left overnight?
    We ask that no vehicles be left overnight as this is also our private residence. Please advise your guests of this policy so they may plan their transportation accordingly. That being said, we do not want any impaired drivers on the road. Should a vehicle need to be left overnight either Friday or Saturday there will be a $25 per vehicle charge. As the contracted party, you will be responsible for any costs incurred by vehicles left. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Are there overnight accommodations nearby?
    Yes. There are 2 hotels in town and several Bed & Breakfasts as well. All are within less than 12 miles. The hotels have a shuttle bus available for a fee that you may arrange through them.
  • What is Wedding Insurance, do I need it and where do I get it?"
    Wedding Insurance covers you for multiple reasons: Self-catering; serving alcohol; vendor cancelation; postponement or cancellation under certain circumstances; guest injury; property damage. Here is a link that explains Wedding Insurance: We can direct you to a couple of options for insurance carrier when you book.
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